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Stapleton is located just North of Dorrington and approximately 5 miles south of Shrewsbury, covering around 1030 hectares. It is a rural, mainly farming community. Although once the major hub in the district it now has shrunk in population to approximately 245. The school closed in the 1960’s. Stapleton features in the Doomsday Book under the name of “Hundeslit”. It is steeped in history:


St John the Baptist Church

Stapleton Village Hall

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There is a tumult (mound) next to the church that is thought to be Anglo Saxon.

Stapleton has an Anglican Church where regular services take place. The church is of historic interest as it has a Norman tower but originally built on two levels. It is thought the bottom level was used as a store room. The doors can still be seen at a lower level than the land. The church also boasts a tapestry thought to have been embroidered by Mary Queen of Scots while the church organ is among the top six hundred in the country.

Although Stapleton has never had a pub it does have a popular village hall where various clubs and social activities take place. The village hall was built approximately 125 years ago to keep the young men at that time occupied. The village hall has been fairly recently revamped and has an industrial kitchen. It is in constant use for various clubs and social activities. It can also be hired out for private use.

Wherever you are in Stapleton one can appreciate the surrounding vista of hills and countryside for which Shropshire is renowned.


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