Minutes and Agendas

Council Meeting Minutes and Agendas are made available online for public examination in the relevant folders grouped by year below.

As well as the main minutes & agendas, Condover Parish Council also delegates some of its powers to The Finance & Personnel Committee, The Condover Woodland Park Sub-Committee, Brook Close Community Led Housing Steering Group and in the past has delegated to a (now dispersed) Planning Committee. All committees report to full council at their monthly meetings. All the Minutes and Agendas for these committees can also be found in the folders below.

Please note that the folders are grouped by the years the council runs; these start on 1st April and finish on the 31st March the following year.

Constraints on time and costs prohibits the disclosure of all past council and committee minutes electronically on this site; however they are available for public inspection. Requests for paper copies by parishioners may necessitate the need for postage and printing costs to be recovered depending on the nature of the request.Should you wish to examine them please contact the Clerk preferably by email on condoverpc@gmail.com.
For information about past Minutes and Agendas for the annual Parish Meeting, please view the Annual Parish Meeting Page of this website.
It is important to note that some of the very latest minutes available on this site are in draft form and have not yet been confirmed by the council these are marked with the word “DRAFT” in their title. They are available to view only as a piece of reference and may change.


Full details of the Parish Council's meeting dates can be found on the Meeting Dates Page.
Also of interest to some is the Annual Parish Meeting, details of which can be found here.

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