Local Police Matters

A Great place to find important information about our local police force is on the West Mercia website under Shrewsbury Rural South & West area, this is the area that our Parish falls within.

Shrewsbury Rural South and West

PC 285 David Walton is the new Safer Neighbourhood Officer for Shrewsbury Rural South and West 

PC Walton attended the Parish Council Meeting on 7th March at Condover Village Hall. As well as rural matters, his specialist focus will be safeguarding and work with vulnerable people. 

There are also two PCSO’s working with PC Walton – Lynne Birch and Rob Taylor. His Sergeant is Sgt Keith Steele

PC Walton said he was going on a course about wildlife crime. He will shortly be one of three Police Officers in Shropshire qualified to respond to wildlife crime

 PC Walton is based at Monkmoor Police Station and can be contacted by phoning:  

101 Ex 5757 or email: david.walton@westmercia.pnn.police.uk

Monthly Police Report

Each month our Local Police Team provides a local police report and Newsletter with figures on Crimes committed in our local area as well as advice on keeping yourself and your possessions safe.

Police and Crime Commissioner: One Year in Office

Shropshire Council has also produced a leaflet about Farming and the Highway Code

calling 101 in non-emergency situations

When to Call 101

The 101 number for local police is the number to call for less urgent matters for example; if your car has been stolen; if your property has been damaged; when you suspect drug use or dealing; to report a minor traffic collision; to give the police information about crime in your area.

Please don’t call 999 for non-urgent matters like this as it takes away valuable resources from people who may be in immediate danger.
Calls to the 101 number cost - 15p per call of any length, from landline or mobile.

Always Dial  999 For Emergencies

In order to get the fastest response team to you on time remember to dial 999 when a crime is in progress; when there is danger to life; when someone suspected of a crime is nearby; and when violence is being used or threatened.
You can also use the General Switchboard Tel: 0300 333 3000 ex 66644 to get through to a particular person or department if you know exactly who you’re trying to reach.

Improved website for  West Mercia Police

 West Mercia police have an improved website which makes it easier to find information on staying safe online and in your community as well as important information for victims and witnesses as well as information for offenders.

You can find the new website at the links given here:

West Mercia

Police Commissioner Latest News

You can keep up to date with the latest news from the Police and Crime Commissioner by follwing this link to the webpage:

You can also find out more about crime prevention and how to keep yourself, your property and your business safe by following the link to the West Mercia Police advice pages:

New use for defunct tax disc holders

The Emergency information holders are the brainchild of a West Mercia Police officer looking at a way of utilising the now defunct tax disk holders. The idea is that the disk is easily identifiable by emergency services as it only makes the information available after access to the vehicle is gained, thus keeping your personal data out of sight.

 Above is a poster detailing how the emergency contact details can be put into the tax disc holder and is available for you to print-out, cut-out and place in your car.

Safe & Secure - Key Messages from West Mercia Police

West Mercia is a safe place to live and crime levels remain low.

Burglary remains rare - less than one per cent of homes are burgled each year.

West Mercia Police is working hard to reduce this figure even further.

West Mercia's summer home security campaign aims to remind local residents to keep windows and doors secure in the warm weather, and how to keep your home secure when going away on holiday.

Most burglaries are committed by opportunistic thieves.

The force is committed to targeting persistent burglars and bringing them to justice to ensure your community remains a safe place to live.


Up to half of all burglaries are committed by thieves who enter the house through an unlocked door or an open window.

Ensure doors and windows are locked at all times

 Fit sturdy deadlocks (British Standard BS3621) to all external doors

Take care of your keys! Keep door and car keys in a safe place, out of sight.

Pick up one of our handy window / door stickers from your local police station and use it to remind yourself to keep windows and doors secure.


Don't forget to stay vigilant when preparing for your summer holiday. Just a few simple steps will help to keep your home safe and secure while you're away. For more information about home and garden security, visit the force website www.westmercia.police.uk.

Let a neighbour or friend know that you're going away and arrange for them to check on your house - collect mail, open / close curtains.

Encourage a neighbour to park on your drive.

(If possible) Use timer switches to turn lights in during the evenings.

Lock all external doors and windows and, if you have one, set your alarm. 

Keep all valuables out of sight.

Don't forget your garden! Effective garden security will help to keep your home secure.

Royal Mail offer a Keepsafe service, where post is withheld for a period of up to two months and delivered to you on return from your holiday. For more information, visit www.royalmail.com.


Advice about staying safe online

There is a lot of interesting and importance information in the Shropshire Rural Hub Newsletter; the following is an extract from the February Edition of their newsletter but is very important for anyone who uses the internet, whether on a daily basis or only sporadically:

On December 1st 2014, Warwickshire Police and West Mercia Police launched the #Be Cyber Smart campaign to raise awareness of internet-related crime and to give people the knowledge they need to protect themselves. The first phase focuses on online shopping; Here are a few simple tips and safety checks:

Don't Transfer Money
Always pay for items you buy online by card on a secure payment page, by cheque or by cash, in person. However desperate you are to secure an item, never transfer money into the seller's account, as you may never see the goods or your money ever again.

Check that Payment Pages are Secure 

Before you enter your card details on a payment page, make sure it is secure by checking that the address starts with "https‟ (the "s‟ stands for "secure‟) and there's a padlock or unbroken key symbol in the browser window.

Use a Credit Card 

Remember that you have more chance of getting your money back in the event of problems if you pay by credit card rather than debit card. Some sellers may charge a premium, but it could well be worth the extra for your peace of mind.

Use Auction Sites Safely 

Many of us buy from online auction sites. Always use trusted and well-known payment methods instead of paying sellers directly. Read the site and seller's conditions. For your personal safety, if you're collecting in person, take someone with you or let people know where you're going.

Check Out Bargains with Care 

If you find, or are emailed about an item that seems just too much of a bargain, it could be a scam, fake goods or it doesn't match the description. Remember, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Use Social Networks Safely 

Social networks are a popular medium for scams and are becoming increasingly so. If you see a post promising something free of charge, free entry to a competition with a fantastic prize or perhaps an offer that seems just too good to be true, consider very carefully before following it up.

Use Email Safely 

An email urging you to click on a link to reveal a special offer, to open an attachment containing some great news, or to "confirm details" or "reset your account", could well be a scam, even if it appears to come from a reputable source. If in doubt, delete the email and don't respond to or forward it.

Look After That Smartphone or Tablet 

Protect your smartphone or tablet by downloading a reputable internet security app and make sure it's safeguarded with a PIN. Install parental control software on kids' mobile devices and chat to them about how to use the internet safely.

Remember to Log Out 

When you've finished your online shopping or banking session, always log out of the website or app... it only takes a second. Sometimes, just closing the window doesn't mean you've logged out, and someone else could gain access to your account and personal details. Don't forget to check and save purchase confirmation emails.

Make Sure Wi-Fi is Secure 

Wherever you are, make sure the Wi-Fi is secured. When you're out and about, in the caf?, the pub or a hotel for example, you can't guarantee it's secured even if you have to enter a code. When you're shopping, banking or making other online payments, it's better to connect with 3G or 4G, even if it's slower.

Beware of Scam Phone Calls 

If someone posing as a retailer calls you to confirm an online purchase, it could well be a scam. The idea is that you won't remember the purchase, and call your bank. However, the fraudster stays on the line, and tricks you into revealing your financial details. If this happens, hang up, don't call back, but report it to Action Fraud.

Check Bank Statements 

Check your bank and credit card accounts regularly for irregular or unauthorised transactions. If you spot any entries you don‟t recognise, contact your bank without delay. Make sure your bank has your up-to-date contact details so they can alert you if they spot anything unusual. 

For more information about staying safe online and the scams to look out for, go to www.getsafeonline.org and cyberstreetwise.com 
If you think you have been a victim of fraud report it to Action Fraud, the UK's national fraud reporting centre, by calling 0300 123 20 40 or by visiting: www.actionfraud.police.uk.

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West Mercia Police News

Your local PC is David Walton  (285)

Tel: 101 Ex 5757

You can contact him in any of the following ways:

Mobile: 07800973269
Voicemail: 01743 264788
Phone: 0300 333 3000 ex 66645
Email: david.harte@westmercia.pnn.police.uk
OR shrewsburyruralsouth.lpt@westmercia.pnn.police.uk