Condover Woodland Park

Minutes & Agendas of the Condover Woodland Park Committee are published on the Minutes & Agendas page the website. 

Condover Woodland Park recently had a Tree Survey Report which may be of interest to you is available to view here:  [pdf] Condover Woodland Tree Survey Report 2015

There's a new Bee Cafe Coming to Condover Woodland Park!

The 2017 Spring Clean!

Many thanks to all those who helped with the Spring Clean on 1st April 2017!

A New Orchard for Condover Woodland Park 2017

On 25th February 2017 a new orchard was planted in the picnic area by the top footpath of Condover Woodland Park. There are a variety of fruit trees kindly supplied as part of the Incredible Edible scheme. Maralyn Hepworth, one of the planters on the day, has very kindly provided a map of which trees are where. She has also written up a list of what's what in the way of apples, plums and damsons which will be available shortly. Most of the varieties are local, some are endangered.

Where are we now? (JANUARY 2015 UPDATE)

The Woodland Park is now well established with the play equipment being well used by all ages. 

The Buzz tower has been especially popular with our youngest children in the village. We continue to complete a weekly check of all equipment, paths and fence to ensure that maintenance can be done and any litter can be collected.

The Play Group, Pre-School and Primary School have all used the woodland area as an educational aid with the information board proving to be very informative

If you would like to get involved with the woodland park or have a problem you would like to report please contact Claire Tolley on 07865063881.

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