Condover Parish Neighbourhood Plan

Early Stages

At its meetings on 7th February and 7th March 2017, the Parish Council resolved to proceed with developing a Condover Parish Neighbourhood Plan. Work is in the very early stages and there are discussions to be held with Shropshire Council. Updates, progress reports and details of how to get involved will be regularly posted on these pages. 

CPNP Overview

Consultation of Condover Parish Neighbourhood Area

Shropshire Council has given notice that an application under Regulation 5 of the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations has been received from Condover Parish Council for Shropshire Council to designate the area comprising the civil parish of Condover as a “neighbourhood area” within the meaning of section 61 G of the 1990 Act (see explanatory note below).
A copy of the application made by Condover Parish Council, a map of the proposed area, and the application advert can be accessed through the links below. They can also be viewed at Shirehall, Abbey Foregate Shrewsbury during weekdays 8.30 am to 5pm and on parish noticeboards in Condover. 

This consultation ends on 12th June 2017. 

Proposed Condover Parish Neighbourhood Plan Area

Condover Parish Neighbourhood Plan Application

Area Application Advert May 2017

Explanatory note
Following the Introduction of the Localism Act 2011, the purpose of designating a neighbourhood area is for a neighbourhood plan to then be prepared for that area. Condover Parish Council is in the earliest stages of considering a neighbourhood plan, and this application seeks now to formalise the process.