Brook Close Community-Led Housing Steering Group

“The Parish Council is very pleased to be involved in this Community led project with Severnside Housing to provide 10 new homes that will help local people from our Parish stay within the area in which they have close family ties. Many have children attending Condover Primary School and/or work locally.”

The Big Lunch  : Noon - 2pm friday 7th July 2017

national Award Winner


Condover Parish Council  has won the top award for Local Council Outstanding Project of the Year 2016 from the National Association of Local Councils (NALC). The award is for development of a community-led affordable housing scheme at Brook Close in the village of Condover, south of Shrewsbury. Claire Tolley, Chair of the Brook Close Community-Led Housing Steering Group, was presented with the award by Lord Matthew Taylor, President of NALC on 19th October at a special awards ceremony dinner held in Birmingham.
Mrs Tolley said: “We are delighted to win this award. The Brook Close Community Led Housing Scheme will provide affordable rented housing for 10 households with a local connection to Condover. The housing is the result of a partnership between Condover Parish Council, the community, Severnside Housing and Shropshire Council, and we had a brilliant construction company in Saxonby Homes. There are 1, 2, 3 and 4 bed homes on the site, so it’s a good mix. The development also meets high wildlife standards, with bird and bat boxes and low level lighting”
Cllr David Lane, Chair of Condover Parish Council, said “When we consulted with residents about their priorities for our Parish Plan, affordable housing for local people was high on their list of concerns. This housing development delivers what residents were asking for: affordable homes within the village. Additional affordable housing will also help to sustain the school, the shops and local businesses. I congratulate all those involved with bringing this scheme into fruition. It’s been a great partnership effort and will benefit Condover for many years to come"

A new notice board in Brook Close near the development has been erected and is kept updated on a semi-regular basis. For the latest news and updates on the development please take a look at the notice board.

The development is scheduled for completion in February 2017. 

The houses are expected to be first advertised on Shropshire HomePoint between 30th November 2016 and 6th December 2016 and will be advertised thereafter until they are all let. \please keep looking on Shropshire HomePoint.

If you want to apply for one you MUST be registered with Shropshire HomePoint and you MUST bid within the advertising period.  Priority will be given to people with a STRONG LOCAL CONNECTION to Condover and who meet the housing need and eligibility criteria - please see details below

 The Steering Group which includes 2 Condover Parish Councillors  Edna Francis and Jean Jackson and 3 local Condover residents meets on a monthly basis - why not come along and find out more. The notice board in Brook Close outside Condover Woodland Park is currently being used to display plans and further information. Alternatively contact the Parish Clerk for further information

What is this project about?

- A unique opportunity for local people to rent a house or bungalow in Condover.

Severnside Housing in partnership with Condover Parish Council are building 10 new affordable homes to rent at Brook Close, Condover. There will be a mix of one 4 bed house, two 3 bed houses, five 2 bed houses and two 1 bed bungalows. These homes are being built exclusively for local people or people with strong local connection for affordable rent.

Who are Severnside Housing?

Severnside Housing are one of Shropshire's largest social landlords, and currently owns and maintains more than 5,300 homes across the County. They are a not for profit company that exists to provide affordable housing and services to support the tenants who live in Severnside homes. Severnside are a Registered Social Landlord and are regulated by the Homes and Communities Agency.

Severnside have a strong track record in the delivery of integrated housing management and maintenance services with up to date ICT systems to support effective delivery. Their own in-house property services team - Severnside Housing Property Services (SHPS) - undertakes a large proportion of Severnside's own refurbishment project work and all of their responsive repairs.

The organisation works in close partnership with Shropshire Council. Severnside have a long and successful history of working together as one of their key partners in developing and improving housing services and standards in the county.

More information about Severnside Housing can be found at

 What makes Brook Close special?

A development and community already exists at the site, the site is in easy each of Condover Primary School; play area, active village hall, social club, a local shop, Post Office and bus route. It is approximately 8 kilometres from the centre of Shrewsbury.

In most cases, rented affordable houses are allocated to people and families who are in the most need. The allocation system does take into account a number of elements like length of time on the social housing waiting list but ultimately it can depend on need, irrespective on where you live at the present time.

The properties will be allocated in accordance with Shropshire Council's Housing Allocations Policy, however in addition to this to be considered, you need to have a strong local connection. What does a strong local connection mean? To be considered as a prospective occupier at least one adult member of the household must meet at least 2 of the following criteria, which have been updated:
  • Their parents were permanently resident in the local area at the time of the applicants birth;
  • The applicant was a permanent resident of the local area for five years as a child, and attended a local school;
  • They currently live in the local area and have done for the past 2 years;
  • They have lived in the local area for 15 continuous years as an adult;
  • They are currently employed close to the local area;
  • They have a confirmed offer of permanent full-time work in or close to the local area (within 3km);
  • Their parents currently live in the local area.
  • If over 55 they have a son or daughter or step son/daughter or son/daughter-in-law living in the local area or a strong local connection.

 The local connection will be verified by Condover Parish Council.

What is meant by Local Area?     

Local Area means Condover Ward (a map of which can be found here:  [pdf] Condover Parish - Condover Ward Map. 
However, if no eligible person comes forward so Severnside can allocate the house within 10 weeks of being available, the geographical area will be progressively widened over time as follows:

 1. To include the area of Condover Parish (including the villages of Dorrington, Ryton, Stapleton) 
(a map of which can be viewed here: [pdf] Condover Parish Map (Wards)

2.  After a further 10 weeks to include the following parishes:  Acton Burnell, Bayston Hill, Berrington, Church Pulverbatch, Leebotwood, Longden and Longnor.

3.  After a further 10 weeks to include all of Shropshire (excluding the area of Telford and Wrekin).

 What do I have to do if I think I qualify and would like to live in one of these homes?

If you are interested and what to find out more please contact the Customer Services Team at Severnside Housing on 0300 300 00 59.
 What do I have to do if I think I qualify and would like to live in one of these homes?

If you are interested and what to find out more please contact the Customer Services Team at Severnside Housing on 0300 300 00 59.

If you are not already registered on Shropshire Home Point: 

Step 1 : Register by going to:

 Step 2 : Already registered; check your existing application details to ensure they are up to date.



Minutes for the Brook Close Community Led Housing Steering Committee are published in the Minutes & Agendas area of the website.

Next Meeting Date

ll confirmed meeting dates for the Brook Close Community Led Housing Steering Comittee (along with other meeting dates) can be found in the calendar on the Meeting Dates page of this site.

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