Parish Council accounts for previous years are audited annually by an independent internal auditor appointed by the council and externally audited by accountants appointed by the Audit Commission.

You can view the Parish Council's Model Financial Regulations here:

 CPC Model Financial Regulations 2014- Re-adopted 03-05-2016

You can inspect all the information for previous years accounts by selecting the relevant year’s folder below:

Completion of Internal Audit of Accounts 2016 - 17

The internal audit of the Parish Council's accounts for 2016 - 17 has now been concluded and the documents are with the external auditors. The statement of accounts and Internal Audit Certificate is published under the relevant year above. 

In compliance with s25 Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014, these documents can be inspected between 4th September 2017 and 13th October 2017on reasonable notice and application to:

Brighid Carey (RFO), Condover Parish Council, Dorrington Village Hall,
The Maitlands, Dorrington Shropshire SY5 7LD

Public Inspection Notice 2016-2017

Community Grants

The Parish Council has some funding set aside in their budget to help Local Community Groups in the parish in the form of community grants. To find out more about this, please use the button below:

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