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This web site is aimed at providing local people with community news and an insight into council business. Our community principally comprises of two main villages Condover and Dorrington and two smaller hamlets Ryton and Stapleton.


Nomination packs are now available for any elector interested in becoming a Condover Parish Councillor at the forthcoming elections on 4 May 2017. Nominations must be submitted to Shropshire Council by 4pm on 4 April 2017.
Information about the role of Councillor may be obtained from the Parish Clerk: 07516 445872 or email Further information about the election process may be obtained from the Elections Team at Shropshire Council

 Elections Team

There are 12 seats on Condover Parish Council. A poll will only be held if more than 12 candidates are nominated. 
Candidates must be either electors (residents) of the Parish or have their main job in the Parish. The Parish Clerk can give further details about eligibiity if required.

Notice of Elections Condover Parish Council

The Annual Parish Community Recognition Scheme 2017

The Parish Council Community Recognition Scheme recognises those people, organisations or businesses who are ackowledged by the Community and Parish Council for contributing significantly to the quality of life of those living in the Parish by their communityor public activity. Special recognition may also be given to an individual or group for a very special activity; which not only benefits the Parish but beyond!

Nominations by local residents of Condover Parish are sought and are to be considered by the Parish Council in time for the Annual Parish meeting which is scheduled to be held on Tuesday 25th April 2017.

Nominations should be made preferably on a form available from the Parish Office (or downloaded here) and submitted to the Parish Clerk by 3rd April 2017

Community Recognition Scheme 2017 Nomination Form

Job Vacancy: Dorrington Village Hall

Fixed-Term April 2017 – March 2018
Approx 10 Hours per Week

Could you act as the leader of a project to develop and improve levels of physical activity at Dorrington Village Hall?

We are looking for someone with strong communication, interpersonal, negotiating and IT skills. We hope to find an enthusiastic and dynamic individual who can grow and develop physical activities at the village hall and someone who can work independently with the support of the Management Committee. The successful candidate will be the ‘face of the project’, responsible for linking the plans to the wider community

All applicants will be invited to an Open Evening for an informal talk/interview with committee members and to familiarize themselves with the job.

For more information, please download the Job Description

Activity Champion DVH Job Description

Please apply in writing to:
Edward Marvin, 5 Oakvale Court, Dorrington, Shropshire SY5 7JW

parish Newsletter Christmas 2016

The Christmas 2016  Edition of the Parish Newsletter is now available online! Paper copies will be delivered throughout the Parish over the next week or so but in the meantime, you can see it here:

CPC Parish Newsletter - 2016 Christmas Edition

Parish Council Wins National Award

Brook Close Community-Led Housing Scheme in Condover has won the top award for the Local Council Project of the Year 2016. Well done and thank you to everyone involved with bringing forward this excellent scheme!

 Read the press release in the Brook Close Community-Led Housing section under Community Groups in the main menu. .

About us

Situated approximately 7 miles south west of Shrewsbury town centre and located off and alongside the main A49 trunk road we are a thriving rural community. The area is enjoyed by a population of approximately 1957 people spread over 3029 hectares of land with 857 dwellings (all figures correct as of 2011 census).

The Parish Wards are represented by Village Councillors who make up the 12 councillors of the Parish Council who meet usually on the 1st Tuesday of each month to discuss and act upon parish business for the overall benefit of the community of the parish, ensuring the voice and aspirations of local people are heard. This involves working with and lobbying local government organisations and agencies on which our community depend up on to provide adequate services which enhance quality of life. As a result the Parish Council works closely with its Shropshire Councillor.

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